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Orphans Call

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    Hwanin's SplendorGuillaume's Face

    Guillaume's Face

    Guillaume's Face
    Winged Helm

    Defense: 217 (Base defense: 85-98)

    Required Level: 34
    Required Strength: 115

    +120% Enhanced Defense
    +30% Faster Hit Recovery
    15% Chance of Deadly Strike
    35% Chance of Crushing Blow
    +15 to Strength
    Magnus' SkinMagnus' Skin

    Magnus' Skin

    Magnus' Skin
    Sharkskin Gloves

    Defense: 60

    Required Level: 37
    Required Strength: 20

    +50% Enhanced Defense
    +20% Increased Attack Speed
    +100 To Attack Rating
    +3 To Light Radius
    Fire Resist +15%
    Whitstans GuardWhitstan's Guard

    Whitstans Guard

    Whitstans Guard Round Shield Defense: 154 Required Level: 29 Required Strength: 53 +175% Enhanced Defense Half Freeze Duration 40% Faster Block Rate 55% Increased Chance of Blocking +5 To Light Radius
    Wilhelm's PrideWilhelm's Pride

    Wilhelm's Pride

    Wilhelm's Pride
    Battle Belt Defense: 75
    Required Level: 42
    Required Strength: 88

    +75% Enhanced Defense
    5% Life Stolen Per Hit
    5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
    Cold Resist +10%

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