Item Delivery

Our items are delivered quickly & safely within few minutes to usually 4 hours. In some cases it can be up to 12 hours but not often the case.


We are now having an automated delivery system, which means if all items in stock,you will get the items within few minutes. *

Non Ladder Orders are usually delivered instanly, Ladder Orders are delayed due the wait in lines and smaller stock.

Either NL or ladder, you will get an Email with the Account and Password where you can access your ordered items.

You can make private game, drop all items and go to your account/chara and take them. To be fully secured, get a friend to hold your game open or ask us in Livechat if we are online.   
(Games are 5 minutes perm even if empty)


Following Orders cannot be proceed automatically and have to be made by our staff:
Orders including:

* Custom Orders
* Any kind of services
* Hardcore Ordered Items


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We fixed Proxy issues and now all back working. Delivery Mails may not arrive on providers like yahoo.